Must-Have Goalie Tools for Every Skill Level

Elite Goalies has put together a must have tool kit that every goalie should own. Click on the tabs below to view and buy the support tools that are recommended to our students.

The Power Within

Dallas Stars goaltending coach Mike Valley and USA Hockey goaltending scout Justin Goldman have joined forces to co-author a comprehensive book dedicated to elevating and enhancing your mental game. Through the carefully constructed concept of the Three Pillars of Elite Goaltending, readers will receive professional and exclusive insights from a handful of NHL goaltenders and goalie coaches on a multitude of performance-related topics. Whether you are just learning how to play the position or you’re at the junior, college, or pro ranks, this book is a terrific guide to help you discover your own unique path to becoming an elite goaltender.

Embracing The Grind

A goaltender is an athlete on an island. Left alone with nothing but your thoughts in the blue crease, you must learn how to handle the pressure of being the last line of defense. You live in a world where you’re only as good as your last game, so if you don’t win, you don’t play. It’s that simple. In today’s NHL, there’s zero margin for error. Players are faster, shots are more accurate, and the game is more physical than ever before. In order to be successful at this level, no matter your size or style, you better be able to handle The Grind.

Game Plan Workbook

The Elite Goalies Game Plan is a Blue Print for building highly successful goaltenders from minor hockey to the National Hockey League. This workbook is designed for a goaltender or goaltending coach to guide the developmental process through a progressive algorithm. There are no short cut to success but there is a map that you will find within these pages. This self guided masterplan is best supported with detailed book by Pasco Valana called Building Elite Level Goaltenders.

Between Two Worlds

Justin Goldman, founder of The Goalie Guild and a regional goalie scout for USA Hockey, embarked on a four-month summer journey to Finland, Canada, and throughout the United States in order to discover new realms of hockey goalie development.

Traveling over 24,000 miles and scouting more than 250 goalies from May until September of 2014, Goldman was exposed to a plethora of different coaching methods, training environments, and tactical puck-stopping strategies. He had originally planned to write an in-depth comparative analysis of playing styles between North American and Finnish goalies, but as his exhausting summer journey continued, Goldman realized his research was opening the doors for something much bigger.

The X-Tracker

The X-Tracker is an advanced patent pending training tool which creates visual restrictions; in turn, correcting the goaltender’s tracking, mechanics and posture.
Simply place the training device over your mask and continue training as normal. The X-Tracker will automatically improve tracking and postural habits.
The X-Tracker is designed from a proprietary blend of urethane that allows it to be extremely durable, absorb puck impact and withstand a cold environment.

AXIS Prospects Social Promo


Elite Goalies has partnered with AXIS to help promote our goalies. The AXIS Prospects platform empowers athletes to take control of their personal brand and socially promote themselves to coaches and teams. The more we can get your name out to the hockey world the greater the chances are that people will take notice and give you a fair look.


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