Tools Every Goalie Needs

The Power Within

ABOUT THE BOOK: Dallas Stars goaltending coach Mike Valley and USA Hockey goaltending scout Justin Goldman have joined forces to co-author a comprehensive book dedicated to elevating and enhancing your mental game. 

Embracing The Grind

ABOUT THE BOOK: Co-authored by Justin Goldman and Mike Valley, Embracing The Grind features candid, motivational discussions with 11 NHL goaltenders and goalie coaches. A continuation of The Power Within, this book aims to help you embrace the mental, emotional, and physical challenges that come with playing one of the toughest positions in sports. 

Building Elite Level Goaltenders

ABOUT THE BOOK: There is a reason why the best goaltenders in the world were able to separate themselves from the rest. Now you can do the same. This book contains the most effective, time tested secrets of the position and the newest tactics used by the most successful goaltenders in the game today. 

Game Plan

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Elite Goalies Game Plan is a Blue Print for building highly successful goaltenders from minor hockey to the National Hockey League. This workbook is designed for a goaltender or goaltending coach to guide the developmental process through a progressive algorithm.

The Hero In You

ABOUT THE BOOK: After spending more than a year studying under a Shaolin temple descendant and inspirational leader named Herman Siu, both Mike Valley and Justin Goldman realized they had discovered a beautiful new formula for better living. Sharing Herman’s formula and wisdom – along with a new global movement called Every Drop Counts – is the focal point of this book.