Elite Goalies Mentorship

Join us for the highly anticipated Elite Goalies Mentorship Camp, spearheaded by former NHL goalie coach Mike Valley and Pro goalie coach Pasco Valana. This exclusive camp takes place July 5th – 9th at the Richmond Olympic Oval, in beautiful Vancouver BC.

Goalies will gain access to a pro-like experience, where they will be immersed in intense training and learn the latest techniques and tactics.

The Elite Goalies Mentorship Camp is designed to push goaltenders beyond their limits. Each day, participants will engage in rigorous on-ice sessions, focusing on refining techniques, perfecting positioning, and enhancing reaction times. Off-ice sessions will complement the on-ice training, emphasizing strength and conditioning, mental preparation, and strategic understanding of the game.

Throughout the camp, goaltenders will receive personalized coaching and feedback from Valley and Valana, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their illustrious careers.

This unparalleled mentorship will ensure that participants leave the camp as better goaltenders and more well-rounded athletes. The camp’s primary objective is to instill a professional mindset in every participant, empowering them to pursue their hockey dreams with unwavering determination and confidence.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your goaltending skills to new heights. Secure your spot at the Elite Goalies Mentorship Camp and embark on a transformative journey that will reshape your approach to the game and redefine your potential as a goaltender.

Date: July 5th – 9th
Location: Vancouver, BC
Cost: $3800
CAD (Must apply. 8 goalies are selected)


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