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We Are Elite Goalies!

We rise to the challenge and stand guard in the face of adversity. We are the last line of defense, the protectors of our teams, and the conquerors of chaos. The thrill of the save is our addiction, and the pressure of the moment fuels our passion.

We are the warriors in a sport where the margins are razor-thin and every shot is a battle. Every game is a new adventure, and every save is a testament to our commitment.

We live for the thrill of the unexpected. The rush of adrenaline, the split-second decisions, and the grace under pressure. We know that success is earned through hard work and determination, and we are willing to pay the price to be the best.

Because we believe that there’s no greater feeling than stopping the puck, securing the win, and enjoying the thrill of victory. We are Elite Goalies!

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Coach Valley has been in the NHL’s trenches, coaching the game and guiding goalies for a long time. Book a call with Coach Valley for direct, actionable advice on mastering the NHL goalie mindset. We’ll tackle real-world scenarios, breaking down plays and decisions. You’ll get custom feedback for your specific needs, setting you on the path to elite performance. Ready to become a mental warrior? Let’s talk!

Work With Coach Valana

Train with Coach Valana in Vancouver for top-tier goaltending training. Opt for private lessons for tailored skill-building, join weekly group sessions for collaborative learning. Train with Coach Valana in Vancouver for top-tier hockey training. Coach Valana also offers video lessons, allowing you to benefit from his expertise no matter where you are. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your game!

Net Series Drill Pack

These 11 off-ice visual training drills, used and tested by pro goalies, will supercharge your reflexes and hand-eye coordination in just 20 minutes a day.

Partner Series Drill Pack

Introducing the Partner Net Series – a set of 15 cutting-edge off-ice visual training drills perfected by pro goalies to supercharge reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Dedicate just 20 minutes a day to experience game-changing improvements